Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Fueling Station

2 May 2016
It has been about a day or so since we left port, and already something interesting is happening. Simply put, the ship is running low on gas so we are currently refueling. However, this is not so simple a process as taking your car down to the gas station; we’re a little big and need a lot of fuel in order to run for the next few months. What has happened is perhaps a little more convenient: If we cannot go to the gas station, we will have the gas station come to us!

Well, my analogy is only about half true. We have met up with a tanker, which has sidled up to the side of the Revelle and is currently transferring fuel to it. About 100,000 gallons worth of fuel. The whole process will take many hours, but has to be done somehow. Personally, I get nightmares just thinking about the logistics of organizing such an operation, and let’s not even mention the bill!

-John DeSanto
Credit for the photo goes to James Holmes. This tanker just delivered more gallons of fuel to the Revelle then I could probably count in a lifetime.

PS- As an aside, James and I swear we heard a rooster crow from the tanker when we took the picture above. Sadly, we were not able to capture it on film. Perhaps our compatriots will be having a particularly fresh meal in the near future?

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